For an effective functioning of LightRays01 the high capacity graphic card is needed. It is important because the software uses the graphic card (or GPU  - Graphic Processing Unit) for the parallel data processing. The minimal needed computer configuration is  ….

See the possible graphic card assortment in the section GPU


LightRays01 can be started from the usual optic design Software, familiar for the optic specialists. You can create your optic system with the standard optic design software you are already using.  As the output you will get the approach of light propagation through the optic system, based on classic geometrical optics as in the most optic design software.  However the parallel data processing will get you results at least 900 times faster as a usual one core processor computation. The time advantage could be of a grate help in optimisation of optic systems or in time consuming calculation of the image simulation or stray light